Carinae TorrontesHello my dear Wine, Food and Christmas lovers!

Today it will be all about the food and wine pairing during Christmas Eve. Big part of the dishes that we consume during this time of the year can be paired perfectly with different wines, but on this occasion all will spin around white wines…a White Wine Christmas! We love food and wine pairings at our Buenos Aires Wine Tastings, so we are more than happy to match this Christmas dishes with different white wines for you!

For your aromatic, fresh and crisp white:

This will be magnificent for those who love to roast a turkey or chicken with different spices! Some families actually love to prepare Tamales, which is another interesting option to have with this style of wines. Our suggestion is to go for a Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Albariño , a dry Riesling or an Argentinian Torrontes. In Argentina, a classic dish is a Chicken roll stuffed with vegetables called Matambre de Pollo Arrollado, perfect combination for a Torrontes indeed! Our favorite choice would be Harmonie Torrontes from the Carinae Winery.


Why not seafood and a fresh fruity white with citrus hints for Christimas?!

Primogenito ChardonnayFor your medium bodied, fruity whites:

Now it is the time to think of fish or seafood in general, specially if you like those Chardonnays or Viogniers that are really fruity and with a mild pass through oak. For those who love to celebrate and prepare the Feast of the Seven Fishes! In Argentina, this type of wines will also go great with the softer cheeses at the Picada (Antipasto style) or a Pionono stuffed with vegetables. Our perfect choice would be Primogenito Chardonnay from Bodega Patritti.


For your bold, intense and oaky whites:

Here you can take out all the creamy sauces that you were saving for the main dishes! If you were planning to prepare a rich, creamy oyster stew or accompany your chicken or turkey with a Russian Salad, you better have in hand a nice bottle of a full bodied and oaky chardonnay or Viognier, specially if you used butter to cook the white meat of the oyster stew. Here, Argentine people, eat almost every Christmas cold dish with mayonnaise which gives richness to each preparation. I would say that the favorite for this type of wine would be the Vitel Toné, with a creamy sauce that besides mayo, has tuna and anchovies.


If this is what you are planning to eat for Christmas…be sure to have a nice white wine at hand

If you are the kind that loves the sweet whites:

Be sure to have a nice late harvest wine close to you if you are a fun of eggnog, fruitcake, gingerbread or ginger cookies! When it comes to the Argentinan tradition, different types of nuts and Mantecol (a sweet nougat style candy that has a base of processed peanut). We recommend Laborum Late Harvest Torrontes from El Porvenir de Cafayate Winery.

For the ones who love bubbles!


There’s got to be a toast! Always! Down in South America is very hot! So at midnight, to cheers we always open a fresh bottle of Sparkling wine to receive Christmas! Nothing better than to have a fresh bubbly bottle of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir Sparkling wine like the Mairena Brut from Familia Blanco Winery. Perfect to have on its own, but also its mild sweetness and toasty finish will go very will with those nuts you will be cracking!

I hope you liked the White Wine Christmas post! Keep tuned for more holiday blogs to come!

Thanks for reading.

Un gran abrazo navideño