This week at Anuva we’ve been whipping up some delicious ice cream made with Laborum Torrontés, one of the fabulous wines we love to show off at our Buenos Aires wine tastings. It may be winter here in the Southern Hemisphere, but Argentines love to eat ice cream all year round! This passion has its roots in the country’s Italian heritage. Millions of Italians emigrated to Argentina in the 19th and 20th centuries, bringing with them their delicious gelato recipes.

Today there’s such a wealth of ice cream parlors in Buenos Aires, it can be tricky to know which one to choose. To help you enjoy an authentic scoop of Argentine life, here’s our definitive list of Buenos Aires’ best ice cream shops. Why not see how many you can visit during your trip?

1. Rapa Nui

A real Argentine institution, Rapa Nui has several branches across the city. The business was founded by a sweet-toothed Italian couple, Aldo and Inés Fenoglio, who emigrated to Argentina in 1948. Skilled in the art of chocolate making, the couple created a successful company in the Patagonian town of Bariloche.  As is common here in Argentina the Fenoglios handed the business on to their children when it was time for them to retire. Still run by the family today, the Rapa Nui team recently decided to try their hand at ice cream making and have quickly made their mark on Buenos Aires.

Rapanui 1

If you love chocolate then make sure you try a couple of their artisanal chocolate ice cream flavours. They’re all made with Rapa Nui’s exquisite chocolates. My personal favorite is the Classic, but they also do a delicious white chocolate version with pieces of dark chocolate and raspberry coulis. If you’re more into fruity flavours, their raspberry and strawberry ice creams are just heavenly!

Rapa Nui branches: Uruguay 1284 and Arenales 2302 (Recoleta), Av. Elcano 3127 (Colegiales)

2. Freddo

Literally on every corner of the city, Freddo is a solid option for some ice cream on the run. Immensely popular with locals, Freddo offers everything a real ice cream enthusiast could desire; there are ice cream sundaes, ice cream smoothies, iced coffee, Italian-style ice cream deserts and even ice cream alfajores! A good option here is the classic dulce de leche flavour which is made with a kind of caramel loved by Argentines of all ages.

Freddo 3

Freddo has branches all over the city, but here are a few to get you started: Av Santa Fe 1600 and Guido 2000 (Recoleta), Angel Carranza 1869 (Palermo Hollywood) and Juana Manso 1570 (Puerto Madero)

3. Jauja

As with Rapa Nui, this ice cream shop’s origins lie in Patagonia. This is where Jauja source all the ingredients which go in to their delicious products. Here the focus is on high quality, natural raw materials and silky smooth ice creams. Top picks include their Peperina granizada which uses a peppermint-like herb native to Argentina and a Cardamon-flavoured sorbet.

Jauja 4

Jauja branches: Cerviño 3901 (Palermo), Federico Lacroze 2239 (Colegiales)

4. Tufic

Tufic has quickly become a Palermo staple for fantastic quality and a range of unusual flavours. I love their Chocolate Turco, a delightful mix of figs, walnuts, fig syrup and dark chocolate which is their current ice cream of the season. For something more refreshing, go for their grapefruit sorbet which is the perfect palate cleanser after a big steak at one of Palermo’s many parrillas.! Just be warned, try it once and you will be back for more!

Tufic 3

Tufic just has one branch: Guatemala 4597 (Palermo)


Whichever ice cream parlor you choose, make sure to order a mediano or grande. This way you’ll get to pick 2 or 3 different flavours. It might look like a lot of ice cream, but don’t worry. You’re bound to walk it off with all that sight-seeing you’ll be doing!