Dear Amigos, Wine Drinkers, and Fellow Enthusiasts,

The day has come where I pause from my daily activities of tasting wine and running around Buenos Aires to procure for you the most interesting articles I have read this week.

Village Voice Blog:  10 Tips for Wine Rookies.  My personal favorite, Order wines you can’t pronounce.  That’ll open up your eyes to new wines for sure.  Other tips include Treat Yourself and Have Fun.  I love lists that include that kind of stuff.

Dr. Vino:  This is an old post on Malbec from 06 but the graphic reproduction (presumably done on Microsoft Paint) of a sketch by Manuel Lozada, winemaker at Domaine Chandon explaining the attack, midpalate and finish is a classic.  “If Malbec wines are two-dimensional then the world is flat.”

Wine Sur:  An interesting little article about Naked Wines, and no, it’s not as kinky as you think.

Vinography:  Vinography writes a nice piece on a wine that comes out of Lujan de Cuyo Mendoza, where many of the wines we work with come from.  The first few paragraphs are an excellent meditation on the terroir there.  A good read.

Wine Terroirs:  An amazing picture of some well-dressed gentlemen in France enjoying some wine in 1910.

Wine Co:  South African Wineries try to make Chenin Blanc popular in the U.S.  Its sales have been up over 60% in the US since 2010 with Millenials.

The Drinks Business:  The French eagerly await a verdict which may allow winemakers out of France to use the term Chateau on the labels.

Beverage Daily:  Is wine “doomed” to additive use?

Thanks for checking in with us and next Tuesday I will have another brief post of the top blogs and articles that have been circulating about.

Until then, I wish you happy drinking and good eating.
Saludos cordiales,