Greetings from Buenos Aires,

As I like to do every Tuesday, here is a quick roundup of the best and most interesting wine-related articles we have been reading this week.  If you have read any other great ones that I have neglected to include, feel free to send them over in the comments.

Wine Spectator:  Amazon plans to get into the wine game.  The last two tries didn’t work out so well for them.  Wine Spectator asks if the third time could be charm.

Wine Folly:  Have you ever tried Port?  Good right?  How about White Port?  How about White Port and Tonic?  Mind blown.  Apparently it’s big in parts of Europe and Brazil.  Check out the recipe.
Fodor’s:  “You’ll sort grapes, trek through the vines, and assist with “punch downs.” Of course, wine flows freely and after it’s all done you’ll receive a signed certificate from the winemaker validating your hard work.”  I’m sold.
Snooth:  They mythbust here on some wine knowledge.  My personal favorite is #5.
Wine Folly:  Can you pick out delicate and subtle flavors like Miles from Sideways?  That sensitive nose of your might earn you a good 70 to 90 K a year.  Good luck!
WineSur:  Portland State University study says responsible drinkers are happier people.  Again, I’m sold.
Forbes:  Definitely one of the best if not the best articles I’ve ever read about wine glass shapes and how much they affect your perception of the wine you’re drinking.
Dr. Vino:  One winery still uses the ancient technique of only allowing grapes to be stomped by naked virgins.
Wineanorak:  Desensitization is your enemy in a wine tasting.  Cross-Adaptation is even worse.  What does that even mean and how to prevent it are both explained.
WineJulia:  New app pairs wine and cheese right there on your iPod.  More than 400 cheeses are involved.
Happy eating and drinking.