It’s that time of the week again! Here’s a list of our favorite  stories that we’ve come across here at our wine loft in Palermo.

Mail Online: There’s a new type of treasure on the ocean floor! A firm from Napa valley has said that aging wine in the deep blue simply tastes better. Could wineries around the world begin throwing their precious booty overboard?

The conclusion of the independent blind tasting was that the wine was ‘extraordinary’ – outstripping the same wine aged on the shore in categories such as aroma, taste and finish and being priced at $1,000 a bottle.

BBC: The Venezuela catholic church is running out of wine due to a nationwide shortage of supplies. Could this be true! I think the easiest way for Venezuela to resolve this is ask a good friend of theirs to change some water into wine.

Critics blame the shortages on tight state control of the economy and inadequate domestic production. But the government insists that an opposition-led conspiracy and price speculations are the problem.

 Wine Enthusiast Magazine: It’s the question that’s always in the back of your head when entertaining. What to serve with that special entree? These three recipes show you how to use beer, wine, and alcohol in three different dishes.

When attempting your own infusions and pairings, there is but one rule, says Karen Cook, former wine director for New York City’s Best Cellars and now general manager of the Redding Roadhouse in Redding, Connecticut: “Throw out the rule book and be creative.”

Palate Press: Everyone’s gearing up for summer and that means finding those summer reads to enjoy on the beach, in the park and in your backyard. James Conaway’s book, Nose, brings summer and that nice white wine your drinking together. Enjoy the read.

If Conaway’s name sounds familiar, that’s because he’s been writing for more than 40 years. An essayist for National Geographic Traveler, Conaway is best known in wine circles for Napa: The Story of an American Eden, released in 1990, and his 2002 follow-up, The Far Side of Eden. Both works — juicy, social histories of America’s top winegrowing locale — garnered much acclaim.


The Wall Street Journal: This years report on the wine industry in the UK just came out. For all you wine nerds out there like us, get your reading glasses out and get ready to do some serious perusing.

The report covers the basics of wine, all you would need to know about wines, an overview of the global wine industry, including a SWOT Framework Analysis and a Porter’s Five Forces Strategy Analysis, market statistics, production/consumption data, and much more.