Here comes another week of wine news for you to peruse from our wine loft in Buenos Aires!

The Sacramento Bee: There’s a whole lot of excitement right now about Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris, in fact, Pinot Grigio is the fourth most popular wine in the United States! If your interested in learning more, check out this article. Or if you’re interested in tasting more, check out Anuva’s current special for Pinot Grigio.

Pinot grigio is growing

Nevertheless, nearly one in every 10 bottles of wine sold in the United States is pinot grigio or pinot gris, synonyms for “insipid” in both Italian and French.

Stark Insider: If you are wondering how different generations are affecting wine sales in the United States, this article might tickle your fancy. Clinton Stark gets to the bottom of whether or not millennials are really driving wine sales.

I’d call this millennial myth busted.

“What is true is the Millennials have the highest growth rate, but like all segments with low numbers of consumers, the high growth is because of the small base versus the growth in the nominal consumption of the segment.”

National Public Radio: If your an expert in wine, you’re a sommelier. If you’re an expert in beer, you’re a… cicerone? A new program in the United States is testing how well beer “experts” really know their stuff.

A cicerone carefully expecting his beer.

Many breweries encourage employees — from brewers to servers to distributors — to study for the Cicerone exam. Portland-based craft brewer has gone a step further: It pays for exams and sets up study programs, and it will even require the basic level for certain employees by the end of the year.

VEGAS INC: A shop in Las Vegas is turning heads with wine totes. However you dress it up though, the most important thing is that it goes down easy.

These boots are made for – carrying wine.

Our items include a bustier double wine carrier, a cowboy boot, diva totes, kilts and our most recent addition, beer koozies. We also have a special line of bridal wine totes that include a bride and tuxedo-dressed groom. Those totes fit two bottles of Champagne or wine.

Dr. Vino: In an post from last month, we included an article about the coravin, a new type of mechanism that allows you to extract a glass of wine without removing the cork (via lack). Financing this gadget, as Dr. Vino says, shows where wine venture capital is flowing.

There has been a spate of articles about a new gadget for preserving wine called the Coravin. What’s not been widely commented on is the fact that the founders raised a lot of money, notably almost $11.5 million in the last round.
We’ve come to the end of another Weekly Wine News. Hope you’ve enjoyed the ride and tune in next week to learn about everything we’re reading up on here in Buenos Aires.