Hello friends, and welcome back to Weekly Wine News! This past week we saw one of the world’s weirdest marathons take place, a new alcohol bill pass, and a very-creative marketing strategy come into play. Read on!

  1. Woke Up This Morning and Got Myself a (Glass of Wine)

Last week, New York governor Andrew Cuomo signed into legislation a new law allowing NY bars to serve alcohol as early as 10 a.m. on Sundays. Named the “Brunch Bill”, the new law was created to mitigate restrictions enforced by the former alcohol laws set during the prohibition. So what does this mean for lovers of el vino? While football fans will surely enjoy one or two more beers before kickoff, “Brunch” is also specifically oriented towards the wine market. With the bill’s signing, growlers can now sell wine while wineries can let customers take partially-finished bottles home with them.

brunch bill 2

Cuomo signed the bill at the Genesee Brew House last week. Image credit: WHAM


  1. The French Race for Wine

 This past weekend, France held it’s annual Marathon du Medoc. While the race itself measures the regulated marathon distance of 26.2 miles, it includes something other big-name marathons can’t quite compete with: wine. The race contains 23 wine stops. Pair that with food and live music and you have one of the most bizzare marathons in the world. The event has been known to attract close to 10,000 wine lovers; some of them runners, others, not so much. It’s probably not the type of marathon you’d expect, let alone train for.

It’s such a bizarre idea, it just might be worth putting on the bucket list. But then there’s the idea of constantly dehydrating yourself. So maybe not.

wine race

A participant takes a “breather” mid-race to sip on a glass of wine. Image credit: Getty via The Telegraph

  1. Partners no more: Wines of Argentina splits with Chile for annual tasting

 For the first time ever, Wines of Argentina is running their own trade tasting, Barullo, in the UK this coming October.

In the past, Wines of Argentina has been partnered with Wines of Chile for Wines of the Beautiful South, an event also held in the UK. The split was mutual, with the two companies wanting to focus more on the culture of their separate countries instead of providing a broader, South American feel to the tasting.

Wines of Argentina is planning to incorporate four live cooking demonstrations to pair with their tastings. Wines of Argentina’s Andrew Maidment noted that the company “wanted to show what modern Argentina stands for.” Bring on the Malbec!

  1. A toast to the future generation of wine drinkers

Morrison’s, a British supermarket, is looking to appeal to a younger generation of wine drinkers with the creation of a four-pack Argentine wine, Asado Club. Containing four 250 ml bottles, the pack clearly resembles the standard six-pack of beer that’s long been a staple of any liquor store. Each Asado Club bottle contains a blue and white striped screw cap capsule, a clear nod to the Argentine flag. For those of us too impatient to sit through a classy wine tasting, this just might be the solution.

Wine lover or not, you’ll at least be attracted to the bottle’s unique artwork: a colorful medley of meaty animals partying it up under a disco ball before they hit the grill for an asado.


The wine comes in a colorful four-pack that will surely catch anyone’s eye, wine lover or not. Image credit: Harpers.co.uk

That’s all the wine news for this week, mis amigos. Keep an eye out for next week as wine news always gets interesting!