Hola my dear Buenos Aires amigos!!! 2017 is right at the door and you cannot be left out of the amazing Things to do in the lovely BA. You are going to see that these first days of the year the streets will be full of Taxis with their bright red LIBRE sign on (which means they are available), the streets will be almost empty. Plenty of Porteños will leave the city to go to different destinations seeking for their most deserved vacations. But do not worry! On this New Year Post, I will pay tribute to some of the most interesting places to lunch and dine in Buenos Aires… I bring you my 5 Favorite Bodegones of the City Porteña!!!

Enjoy the first days of the year eating at where the locals go to eat delicious food, vast quantity and really affordable prices!


Opens everyday except Sundays → 6pm-2am

Angel Carranza 2225, PALERMO HOLLYWOOD

Peron Peron

The most Peronist Restaurant in the CIty. Prepare to be embraced by the love of the great Juan Domingo Perón and the one and only Evita while you have the most delicious dishes of traditional Argentinian cuisine. One of the most interesting things to highlight about this Bodegon…is without a doubt the Wine List! Their selection of wines is magnificent and the prices are even better.

Delicious empanadas and various starters to have on your own or to share. Big and tasty main courses.


My favorite at Peron Peron? Osobuco cooked 6 hours with Polenta!!! 


Opens everyday except Sundays → 12-16 and 20-whenever Carlos wants to close.

Brandsen 699, LA BOCA


The name of the Restaurant is taken from the person that takes your order and runs the place. Don Carlos, or popularly known in the neighborhood of La Boca as “Carlitos”, does not offer a food menu or a Wine List. He basically gives you whatever he wants, but if you are the kind of person that loves Argentinian food, you are in the right place. You stop eating whenever you want to stop, because Carlitos will keep bringing otherwise. After delicious starters like Tuna Mayonnaise, Roasted Peppers and Mozzarella, Cheddar and olive oil with sun dried tomatoes (and these come out all together sometimes before you even have the time to sit at the table!), you will delight yourself with different meat cuts grilled at the heat of the embers, spinach buns, mini empanadas and…well, if you have space, the Lasagna is magnificent!!!

4362-2433 To make your reservation… It is a tiny place and very famous among locals!!! Do not sleep!


Opens everyday 12-16 hs – 20 – 1AM

Uriarte 1609, PALERMO SOHO

Inside of a Neighborhood Club, Eros is just the place for those who want to understand the true spirit of a Bodegon. Very few starters (if they actually have them), very few main courses (but every single one of them delicious and at incredibly cheap prices!) and desserts which are superb!!

Club Eros

Big and fatty strip steaks that bring different toppings and fries or salad as garnish. Milanesas in different versions of sizes that come out of the plate. And pastas which taste incredible, but it is a must to ask for them with Estofado (their Stewed meat Sauce).

If you dare, ask the Milanesa Porteña of the Bife de Chorizo Turista… You might need some help to finish those on your own.


Opens everyday except Sundays 12-16 hs – 20 – 1AM

Agustin Caffarena 64, LA BOCA


A classic of La Boca, there is no person that enjoys a delightful meal in the neighborhood that does not know about El Obrero. I took 3 different Taxis to La Boca last week for different reasons, and the three drivers gave me the same advice:  “If you are going to eat around here, you must go to El Obrero”.

It seems that the place is worth visiting. I have been there more than a few times, and I understand why every person that went there, eventually comes back. An assorted menu with classics of Argentina plus some house dishes that are to die for! Theirs Spanish Tortilla as the RABAS (Fried Squid Rings) are a must try. When it comes to the environment, you will breath Futbol (do not use the word soccer in here) and Argentinean Sports history. Banners and T Shirts from local teams and all over the globe. Memorabilia of famous people that visited the place and pictures with the owner are a classic. And talking about the owner…He is one of the waiters!!! It is always a pleasure to be waited by Pablo, lucky the ones who meet him → Amazing service and recommendations.


TORILLA ESPAÑOLA AT EL OBRERO PH by baixagastronomia.net


Opens everyday 12-16 hs – 20 – 1AM

Las Heras 3357, PALERMO

In front of the vast and beautiful Parque Las Heras, you have a Bodegon that specializes in Northwestern style food from Argentina. So prepare yourself for some of the most tasty Salta Empanadas, exquisite Tamales, incredible Humitas and more!!! Now, if you want one of the most interesting Argentinian dishes prepared in a magnificent way and for a super price… Go for the LOCRO. They have not got the most interesting wine list (at all haha!), but stick to the wines from Salta, you will be in good hands.



Enjoy the Bodegones and if you know any other you would recommend do not forget to comment. Thanks for reading my dear Buenos Aires amigos!

Un gran abrazo!