Shop Hop BA offers private shopping tours and other shopping services for people with all different styles and preferences of shopping needs in the fascinating city of Buenos Aires.  The idea is to minimize the craziness and stress that comes with shopping in a big and unpredictable city— especially one with a language barrier!  Private tours start at just u$s40 and can accompany 1-4 people, and they are also 100% customizable.  You have the ability to choose exactly how you’d like to spend your shopping experience.  You may choose to make the tour a full day and add a lunch, or if you prefer not to walk through the city you may take a taxi or even have a private driver take you to all the best secret shops in Buenos Aires.  The options are limitless.

The idea of Shop Hop BA was created in 2010 by Sophie Lloyd, a UK native whose passion for shopping and fashion inspired her to start her very own shopping business in Buenos Aires.

Sophie Lloyd

First – What is your background?  Where are you from and why did you decide to move to Argentina?

I’m originally from York in the north of England but I’ve lived overseas for about 8 years. I went to Shanghai, China when I left university for three months to do an internship and was still there five years later. Amazing place. I worked as a fashion journalist and copywriter there and had my own fashion magazine supplement for the China Daily. I also did some costume styling for theatre productions. I then decided I wasn’t ready to go back to England and had never been to South America so I just booked a ticket to Buenos Aires, having heard it was a cool city. And here I am. I guess I like the challenge and experience of living in different countries and cultures.


How long have you been here?  How long were you here before you decided to start your service?

I’ve been in Buenos Aires close to 3 years. I started working on Shop Hop about 2 years ago but things didn’t really get going until just over a year ago. I also work as a freelance writer, mainly writing about fashion.


Why did you start the service?

Well firstly I love to shop and I also love to shop for other people. With a background in fashion journalism, I’ve developed a knack for scouting out cool new shops and designers so I thought I’d combine the two and offer a service to visitors to the city since it’s quite overwhelming when you first arrive and hard to know where to go. I also love the boutique culture in Buenos Aires and I think it’s a really nice city to shop in because every neighborhood offers something different and there are a lot of really cool independent boutiques, private showrooms and markets that you can explore on foot.


What exactly does your service consist of?

We do private shopping excursions tailored to the individual client’s interests, style and budget. I usually send the client a questionnaire in advance to get an idea about what they’re interested in seeing or buying and whether they are looking for anything in particular and then plan the tour around that but I’m quite flexible and will take them wherever they want to go. I try to focus on showing people unique locally-designed products / fashion that they wouldn’t find elsewhere.


What is your favorite part about the shopping down here?

As I said above, I love the boutique culture in Buenos Aires. It’s much more interesting than trailing around big soulless shopping malls. The brands and designers put a lot of effort into the interiors and there are some really cool, characterful spaces. It’s nice to boutique hop then sit down in one of the squares and have a coffee outdoors (I guess that’s still a novelty for me coming from England). I also think there are some great vintage shops and markets in the city.


Shop Hop BA: