We are finally getting settled into our new home at Reserve! We have over 225 square meters (about 2500 square feet) of space that is all about great Argentine wine! We finally have some pictures to share with you that should entice you to come over and visit us for a wine tasting.

Reserve Private Wine Loft

Here is our really nice spiral staircase. What does this have to do with wine? Not much… we just like how it looks… and actually this has something to do with our philosophy on wine: you should simply go about tasting lots of different wines to find out what you like. It does not matter what the experts say or how much it costs. If you like $3 wine in a box then great! If you prefer to spend $3000 on a vintage Bordeaux then fantastic!

We like boutique wines from Argentina and we think we have a great selection. That is why we went out and built Reserve, our private wine loft, so that you can come taste wine in Buenos Aires in this cool yet cozy setting.

Reserve: The View from The Private Wine Loft

Here is the view and where you would sit and taste yummy Malbec, Bonarda, Torrontes and other wines that we have for tasting.

We hope you visit us soon… and thanks Vina for the pictures!