Año Nuevo is coming!!! New year’s spirit is among us and nothing better to celebrate it than opening a fine bottle of Sparkling wine.

Argentinians are not eh biggest fans of sparkling wine, it is the truth, and it makes sense when we are talking about one of the main red wine producers in the world (5th After USA actually). But is also true that when end of the year holidays arrive to Argentina, it is super hot all over the country and celebration asks for refreshing bubbles. Luckily, the wine consumption during the summer has been growing at giant steps, and now more and more wineries want to have a fine quality sparkling wine among their lines.


The variety of this type of product is amazing nowadays, you have white, rosés and even red! (these last ones are very rare though). Dry, sweet, Ultra dry and ultra sweet. Fruity easy drinking ones, and full bodied and really rich types. Some you can have on their own, and some you can enjoy with different dishes. But one thing is for sure, if it is New Year’s Eve, there must be a Sparkling wine.

Here we have some interesting recommendations from our favorite Boutique Wineries for different ways of receiving 2017 and toast among the loved ones:

Chin Chin Sparkling WineFor a super fresh welcome and delicate thin bubbles, we suggest you go for Carinae Chin Chin Brut Nature. This jewel from the Carinae Winery was once produced to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the winery, due to its great acceptance among premium quality sparkling wine consumers, the winery kept making it and nowadays any excuse is perfect to open a bottle. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir,  Brut Nature (the driest version of a Sparkling Wine in Argentina) thin bubbles, elegant and crisp. Enjoy it at midnight during the toast or before dinner as an aperitif, it works marvelously in both ways!

If you are more fond of Champagne, we have two options that will get your attention… Both produced with the Champenoise method, the same used in the Champagne AOC in France, from Las Perdices Winery:

1.Las Perdices Extra Brut Champenoise White Sparkling Wine: 80% Chardonnay 20% Pinot Noir. Very delicateLAS PERDICES EXTRA BRUT and with a nice fruit forward and toasty presence on the palate. This one has a really nice flavor persistence of green fruits and the citrus freshness is incredible. Perfect balance of the acidity makes the finish and the aftertaste impecable. For those eating poultry before midnight…Here you have an amazing pairing.

2. Las Perdices Extra Brut Champenoise Rosé Sparkling Wine: 80% Pinot Noir  20% Chardonnay. A fantastic version of a crisp and refreshing sparkling wine with red fruit hints and citrus aftertaste. Not sweet at all, perfectly dry and very flavorful. For those eating fish with citrus sauces, or those who like eating fresh fruit instead of chocolate or turron, here is your rose with bubbles!


And finally, a slightly sweet way to receive 2017… For those who prefer their sparkling wines with mild sweet hints, we suggest you go for Mairena Espumante Brut. The magnificent sparkling wine from Familia Blanco Winery. Chardonnay + Chenin Blanc + a dash of Pinot Noir! Really smooth, incredibly fresh. Very nice green and stone fruits hints, mildly toasty and buttery with a very soft touch of sweetness on the palate and aftertaste. An after dinner favorite and a wonderful option to appreciate at any toast!

Mairena Brut

There you have this tribute to premium quality sparkling wines and remember… When you toast make eye contact of you will have seven years of bad luck (or bad sex as we say in Argentina)!!! Enjoy your bubbles and hace a fantastic and the most Happy New Year!!!

Enormes abrazos para todos!