Have you just returned to Buenos Aires after a exhilarating trip around the diverse landscapes of Argentina? Maybe you discovered the high altitude beauty of Salta in the north, trekked and trawled the cool icy terrain of Patagonia in the south or relaxed while sipping your way through an Argentina wine tasting in Mendoza. Whatever you did, whatever saw, you have surely returned a less ‘well-kept’ version of yourself than when you left.
So ladies (and men too, if this is what you’re into), if you are feeling a little less than pretty right now, this Buenos Aires fuzz-free beauty tip is for you. There is no need to return home/continue your journey looking like the yeti from beyond, just because you were worried about the possible language barrier causing you to lose more than just your pride. Sarah and ‘Fancy Fingers and Ladygarden Waxing’ are here to help you return to your former beauty without a hair out of place. Excuse the pun.
The lovely Sarah, a British-born expat and owner of Ladygarden’s, offers a top quality waxing and beauty services in Buenos Aires for both tourists and locals. Professionally trained in beauty (more specifically waxing, manicures and pedicures), she decided to start her company Ladygardens after noting a distinct lack of decent waxing parlours while traveling around South America, including here in Buenos Aires where she also went through ‘some pretty horrific waxing experiences’ . With no re-used wax,  no boundaries (I am referring to language here, however Brazilians and even the men’s ‘c,b&s’ aren’t out of the question),  and no need to be shy! Sarah’s wicked sense of humor will put you right at ease, so you will hardly even notice the sting. Before you know it you’ll be a true Buenos Aires glamour puss, pedicured, manicured and ready to go once again!
For more information visit her website: http://www.ladygardens.net/