Yep you guessed it – Anuva Wines is back for its penultimate Wine News edition of 2016! As you can imagine its been an eventful week considering the Christmas Day countdown is well and truly on the final straight. What do we have in store for this week? Ingenuity and more scandals – whats not to like?


Lets start with the new internet sensation and wine entrepreneur Clare Potts. By trade she’s a fashion blogger and beauty marketer, but now she’s being heralded online as the founder of the next wine drinking generation. Clare Pott’s ingenious decision to chill her wine in her fridge water dispenser has captured the imagination of the public. Her fridge has been transformed into a ready made chilled wine dispensing machine – ideal for the tiresome and stressful run up to Christmas. Trade sources in response have judged this ‘wine on tap’ phenomenon to come into effect in 2017 in pubs and kitchens across the globe. The only catch to this ingenious idea is the temperature and oxidisation process once the wine has been decanted into the fridge. Lighter and drier white wines differ with those that are more full bodied in terms of recommended serving temperature, and this temperature gap can be as large as 4 or 5 degrees which can make all the difference. However if companies invest in dual temperature fridges, what is stopping this from going worldwide?



Its now time for some ‘Vinonomics’ as a recent study has revealed just how much of a bottle of wine is actually going into the government’s kitty through tax purposes. If we look at an example of the UK for instance, as much as 52% of a bottle of wine is duty and tax. With it being Christmas and everyone looking to stock up for the festive period, this a very profitable month for the UK government. If we compare the UK’s 52% duty to that of France, which stands at just over 30% its easy to see just how much the effects of ‘Brexit’ are sinking in to the UK wine industry.


What Bibendum’s graph expertly illustrates is that if you can afford to spend that little extra cash on each bottle, you are greatly rewarded in terms of quality of wine. The old saying ‘Quality not Quantity’ springs to mind here!


bcurryckemblejsullivan_1107Its going to be a miserable next 6 years for a man named John Fox, and rightfully so! The Co-Founder of Premier Cru has been sentenced for 6 years for wine fraud in which he swindled deluded customers of excess of 45 million US Dollars. He was responsible for embezzling business funds into his own private accounts and creating ‘phantom wine’ orders in which he then forwarded to customers. When Premier Cru filed for bankruptcy in January this year in debt of over 70 million USD, $45 million of that was owed to customers for wine which they never received. The sly Fox spent millions on luxury cars, golf memberships and as much as $900,000 on women he met online. ‘The long running empire of deception’ has now met the justice it so adequately deserved. A future court hearing is imminent as to how much the money swindler must pay back to his indebted clients. This not so Fantastic Mr Fox certainly has his tail between his legs!


And on that note that is the end to this week’s Wine News. As always its been full of drama and speculation and I wonder what will come up next week on our Wine News radar over Christmas this year. Until then, have a very happy Christmas and Drink up!