Christmas Lunch for many families, is often a most-than-generous, exuberant affair. It is the most important meal of the year. To earn its crown there needs to be 1000s of ingredients, 100s of side dishes and at least two or three vegetables that no one has laid eyes on since December 25th the previous year.

So what on earth do you pair with such a meal? We are talking about a plate that could contain turkey, sausage, bacon, gravy, peas and cranberry sauce simultaneously, side by side, on the same fork even.

Is the 25th a wine pairing nightmare? I disagree. It’s the perfect day to pull out those ‘Special bottles’ and the ‘big guns’. The bigger the better! After all, you need some intense flavours to cut through all those ingredients.

If you want bold, deep fruit, smooth tannins and a pleasant juicy finish then Laborum Malbec from El Porvenir de Cafayate could be your man. This is a lovely choice of you go for roast beef on Christmas day, rather than the good old Turkey.


If you want something a little drier, more old word perhaps – Hommage Syrah from Carinae is just the ticket. Full bodied, grippy tannins, rich oak layered beneath dark berries and blackcurrant. Made by Bridgette and Philippe, a lovey French couple, making Argentine wines with a ‘French accent’ in Mendoza. 15 months in French oak, less than 3 thousand bottles produced per year… ooo la la!!




But Christmas isn’t just about red wines, don’t forget those whities! The same principle applies with the whites. Avoid the delicate, lighter styles and head straight for the rich full bodied ones. Buttery styles of Chardonnay with turkey is a Christmas treat. In Argentina we see some of the best chardonnays coming from the cooler region. These are either high- altitude vineyards such as the Uco Valley or southern regions such as Rio Negro in Patagonia.


Sin título

Primogenito from family run- boutique winery Patritti, produce this wonderful Chardonnay. It only see 2 months in Oak barrels, but you certainly feel more of the oak. Buttery, smooth, packed with citrus notes, but not over the top.
So in conclusion, when it comes to pairing at Christmas, be bold and make sure your glass is always full!

Merry Christmas!