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Hache Almacen – A wine bar for wine lovers

Walking into Hache Almacén – the first thing you see.. peering down at you is ‘The Creation of Adam’. Michelangelo’s masterpiece is painted on the wall, seems very dramatic for a wine bar wouldn’t you say!? But instead of God’s… Continue Reading →

Taste & Talk: an interview with… Sommelier Piotr Pietras

On March 16th 2016 the City of Mendoza will be welcoming sommeliers from all corners of the globe for The Association de la Sommellerie Internationale  – World’s Best Sommelier Competition. The competition is held every three years and sees 61… Continue Reading →


The biggest competition of wine experts is almost here, and this time is in our house! An event that those who really love wines, and appreciate your fellow Sommelier when looking up for the most exquisite wines, cannot lose! Just… Continue Reading →

Wine Talk! 'Somms' at a fair

My first real contact with the Wine World, coming from the Culinary Industry, was at a Wine Fair. While still studying, we got the chance to do a Practice at a very well known wine fair. Since I was first introduced to… Continue Reading →

Fiesta de la Vendimia: The Best Argentine Wine Festival

Welcome to LA FIESTA DE LA VENDIMIA! Once a year, during a whole week, the Mendoza Province is the center of attention in Argentina. Needless to say that Mendoza is the most important province in the Argentine Wine Making Industry,… Continue Reading →

ENVERO Wine & Arts Anniversary, Ramos Mejia, Buenos Aires

Hey my Buenos Aires Wine Tasting aficionados! Today this post will take us to my hometown… 40 minutes away from downtown BA. I am talking about the lovely town of Ramos Mejia, on the West Side of Buenos Aires’ Capital… Continue Reading →

Wine Fairs in Argentina

How awesome is to try an incredible amount of wines of different wineries from different regions, grapes and styles? Well, it sounds great! The wine fairs are the door to this possibility. In Argentina there are different moments of the… Continue Reading →


HAPPY WORLD MALBEC DAY!!  Malbec World Day is where winos from all corners of the globe come to together in order to celebrate this small, insignificant round berry which produces Argentina’s best wines. How do we celebrate Malbec? By drinking… Continue Reading →

Art Show and Wine Tasting at Reserve Buenos Aires

Art and wine somehow go together. Anytime I have been to a gallery or an art show there has always been wine there, much more often than beer. Fitting that you would find wine tasting and art viewing in the… Continue Reading →

The 2nd Annual Buenos Aires Chili Cookoff

YES! It’s here! So for the 2nd year in a row, 3 of my good friends and I (Yanqui Mike, Frank Almeida and Larry Rogers) are putting together the Buenos Aires Chili Cookoff. Why? Well first of all, a Chili… Continue Reading →

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