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Anuva’s Wine predictions for 2017

Predicting the future is not easy. Many have tried and many have failed. That said, we are going to give it our best. Unfortunately, because our Delorean is broken, we are going to have to do it the old fashioned… Continue Reading →

How to order wine in Spanish

For Spanish language novices, ordering a bottle of wine can sometimes not be as easy as it initially might seem. We’ve all found ourselves at some point over-exaggeratedly gesticulating and incorrectly pronouncing our orders to waiters across the globe. However… Continue Reading →

How to – Store and Age Argentine Wines

Knowing how long to keep a bottle of wine is always a bit of a mystery. Argentine wines are even more perplexing. Being the new kid on the block means that we don’t have many older Argentine wines to use… Continue Reading →

How To – Clean a Decanter

In my third and final post about decanters I will be showing you hold to clean one. After reading this final post you should have at least a PHD level in decanters! As a sommelier and passionate wine drinker (sometimes too… Continue Reading →

Step by Step – How to decant a bottle of wine

Last week I wrote about why to decant a bottle of wine. This week I will be showing you – step by step,  how to decant. These days you can easily spend 100 US dollars on a trendy ‘Aerator’. However, as always – the… Continue Reading →

Why decant a bottle of wine?

Decanters are much like toasty makers (or any bulky kitchen appliance). They a bought or given as gifts, used a handful of times, then relegated to a hard-to-reach kitchen shelf where they collect enough dust to put you off ever… Continue Reading →

How to pick a Wine Fridge

Hello my wine loving amigos! For those who are always wondering how to keep the wines in perfect conditions, today we are going to talk about the Wine Fridges, with the help of Lourdes, Dan’s wife (owner and founder of… Continue Reading →

How to store wines at home

Hello again my dear wine lovers! Today we are going to give an answer for a very common, though very interesting question among wine consumers…:”How do I store my wines at home?” Without a doubt, an inquiry that draws a… Continue Reading →

Wine Questions: How to carry wine in our luggage?

Hello my dear wine lovers. How many times you have been afraid of transporting wine inside your luggage when you have to take a plane? It happened to me, but luckily I eased my fears with different techniques I have… Continue Reading →

Wine Gadgets: Corkscrews! Pick your favorite

There is an infinite amount of ways to take out the cork out of a bottle of wine. Recently I have been reading and watching videos about alternative ways to open up my wines (even there is one where you… Continue Reading →

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