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Understanding Wine Terminology

New World V Old World Wines

A lot of wine critics speak about New World wines and Old world Wines. But what does this mean? What is the difference between the old and the new? Is one better than the other? What does it mean? Old… Continue Reading →

5 Tips to look as a Wine Pro!

Hey! How are you my dear wine fans? Whom of us did not want to show off their wine knowledge in front of friends or at any sort of gathering? Wine is such a refined beverage, that we would not… Continue Reading →

Organic wines in Argentina

Tim Atkin, Master of Wine and a great authority on Argentine Wines,  a couple of years ago said that Argentina has great potential for Organic farming (mainly due to its hot, dry climate) but currently is not fulfilling that potential. I… Continue Reading →

Salud! Spanish Influence on Argentine Wine

The influence of the Spanish on Argentine wine is quite hidden. I have been asked  more than once – Argentines, are largely made up of Spanish and Italian immigrants, so why are there not much more Spanish and Italian grapes planted? This… Continue Reading →

Traditional Argentine Wine – From Bulk Bonarda to Magnificent Malbec

Argentine wines are without doubt popular at the moment. Malbec has put Argentina on the wine map and the popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing. But who was drinking Argentine wines 10 years ago? Or 20 years ago? The Argentines… Continue Reading →

Why decant a bottle of wine?

Decanters are much like toasty makers (or any bulky kitchen appliance). They a bought or given as gifts, used a handful of times, then relegated to a hard-to-reach kitchen shelf where they collect enough dust to put you off ever… Continue Reading →

Uco Valley, What’s the Fuss?

Navigating an Argentine wine list can sometimes be overwhelming. Picture the scene; You are sitting in a lovely restaurant, you know you’ll be ordering steak. You open the wine list and turn to the reds. You are staring at the… Continue Reading →

A couple of Key Phrases for Uncorking Wine-Talk…!

Baffled by the speech of a Sommelier or a Winemaker? This has happened to us all… As wrote about in my last blog about vocabulary of Sommeliers and Winemakers, the key to understand what they’re taking about lies exactly there…. Continue Reading →

Oenologist, Winemaker, Sommelier: Not the same?

The reason I’m writing about this today is that it’s a recurrent question among a lot of groups. It often happens that a Sommelier throws a few technical words during a conversation and the person in front of them says…. “Oh, so you are… Continue Reading →

Wine-talk! What’s the difference between an Enologist and a Sommelier talking?

Whether in a visit to Wine Country, a super interesting Wine Tasting on the other side of the World or just with the most passionate Wine Lover as a friend… We’ve all heard Wine-Talk. Key to understand what they’re talking about… Continue Reading →

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