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Anuva’s Wine predictions for 2017

Predicting the future is not easy. Many have tried and many have failed. That said, we are going to give it our best. Unfortunately, because our Delorean is broken, we are going to have to do it the old fashioned… Continue Reading →

All I want for Christmas is Wine

Christmas and Wine comes hand in hand. Whether that is the sparkling wine that you’ll pop come midnight on the 24th (Argentines celebrate Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day) or the red and white that you’ve been drinking throughout the evening… Continue Reading →

Weekly Wine News 5th – 12th December

We are back for another instalment of Anuva’s Weekly Wine News. With Christmas now officially under 2 weeks away its a pretty exciting time to be in the wonderfully sunny Argentina. Its not such a wonderful time however for the… Continue Reading →

8 most important WINE NEWS from 2016.

With 2016 drawing to a close and us already gearing up for 2017, its time for us at Anuva to look back on some of the most important pieces of wine news from the year.   Climate Change The impact… Continue Reading →

New World V Old World Wines

A lot of wine critics speak about New World wines and Old world Wines. But what does this mean? What is the difference between the old and the new? Is one better than the other? What does it mean? Old… Continue Reading →

5 Argentine wines to be thankful for

Considering Argentina is the 5th biggest producer of wine worldwide, it is awfully difficult to whittle Argentina’s growing and impressive viticultural heritage down to just 5. With the many different types of wine that we have out here in Argentina,… Continue Reading →

5 Tips to look as a Wine Pro!

Hey! How are you my dear wine fans? Whom of us did not want to show off their wine knowledge in front of friends or at any sort of gathering? Wine is such a refined beverage, that we would not… Continue Reading →

How to order wine in Spanish

For Spanish language novices, ordering a bottle of wine can sometimes not be as easy as it initially might seem. We’ve all found ourselves at some point over-exaggeratedly gesticulating and incorrectly pronouncing our orders to waiters across the globe. However… Continue Reading →

How to – Store and Age Argentine Wines

Knowing how long to keep a bottle of wine is always a bit of a mystery. Argentine wines are even more perplexing. Being the new kid on the block means that we don’t have many older Argentine wines to use… Continue Reading →

Organic wines in Argentina

Tim Atkin, Master of Wine and a great authority on Argentine Wines,  a couple of years ago said that Argentina has great potential for Organic farming (mainly due to its hot, dry climate) but currently is not fulfilling that potential. I… Continue Reading →

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