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Beach in Buenos Aires!

Hello my dear Summer and Buenos Aires lovers! As you probably know, if you have been reading our posts lately, this month is all about the different activities to enjoy in the CIty Porteña during the heat and sun days…. Continue Reading →

A lovely hot holiday drink – Mulled Malbec!

No matter what you call it, or where you come are from – Mulled wine / hot wine, bisschopswijn or Glogi. It is essential to get you through a long, cold winter. It also makes a wonderful holiday season drink…. Continue Reading →

5 Tips to look as a Wine Pro!

Hey! How are you my dear wine fans? Whom of us did not want to show off their wine knowledge in front of friends or at any sort of gathering? Wine is such a refined beverage, that we would not… Continue Reading →

How to order wine in Spanish

For Spanish language novices, ordering a bottle of wine can sometimes not be as easy as it initially might seem. We’ve all found ourselves at some point over-exaggeratedly gesticulating and incorrectly pronouncing our orders to waiters across the globe. However… Continue Reading →

How to – Store and Age Argentine Wines

Knowing how long to keep a bottle of wine is always a bit of a mystery. Argentine wines are even more perplexing. Being the new kid on the block means that we don’t have many older Argentine wines to use… Continue Reading →

FOOD AND WINE CULTURE: Superstitions in Argentina

Hello my dear food and wine lovers! Today, for all those who follow different superstitions or are curious about the different beliefs at an Argentinian table, we have a post full of interesting facts about the culture of food in… Continue Reading →

Where to find the best ice cream in Buenos Aires

This week at Anuva we’ve been whipping up some delicious ice cream made with Laborum Torrontés, one of the fabulous wines we love to show off at our Buenos Aires wine tastings. It may be winter here in the Southern… Continue Reading →

Wine and Food: Traditional Argentinian Restaurants With Great Wines in Buenos Aires

Hello my  wine and food loving friends! For those who just love the traditional food of Argentina and its wines, this post is gonna be very useful when you visit Buenos Aires. All the time at my Buenos Aires Wine… Continue Reading →

Gluten Free in Buenos Aires: More places to eat and drink GF in BA

Hello my wine and food lovers! It has been a while since I wrote about cool places to go and eat Gluten Free in Buenos Aires, so I think is time to update the info on places for those who… Continue Reading →

Argentine Traditions with Wine

It is a fact that Argentina is one of the most important wine producing countries in the world. After France, Italy, Spain and USA, the 5th place goes for the biggest wine producer in South America, the all wine mighty… Continue Reading →

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