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Things to do in Buenos Aires: 24th-31st December, 2016

Hello my dear Buenos Aires Amigos! For those who are still asking what to do these final days of the year in our lovely city, let me remind you that our friend Rudolph the Red Nose Wine Lover decided to… Continue Reading →

Christmas a la Argentina

♫ Navidad! Navidad! Llega Navidad! ♫ Christmas is at the door, and Argentina has its own special way to celebrate it. Follow us through the traditions, food and wines that make this day so unique in this country. First of… Continue Reading →

Rudolph the Red Nose Wine Lover in Buenos Aires

Holidays are almost here!  It is said that Rudolph, the Red Nose Wine Lover, really enjoys Buenos Aires. So on this special occasion, we will go through the different options that the city has to offer in order to celebrate… Continue Reading →

Food and Wine matching for Christmas

The Christmas countdown is well and truly on and 2016 has absolutely flown by. Argentina follows the usual Christmas routine to a certain extent, in the sense that they eat and drink like kings, but interestingly they have their family celebrations… Continue Reading →

Traditional Argentine Festivals

Hello my Argentina fans! Are you up to know when and where to be to celebrate the different Traditional Argentine Festivals? I hope you do! If you are the type that loves to have fun and learn a bit of… Continue Reading →

Sante! French influence on Argentine Wine

Hello my dear wine lovers! It is time to conclude our series of posts of European influence on Argentine Wine, and for that, we must talk about the French! We all know that France is the number one potency in… Continue Reading →

Cin! Cin! Italian influence on Argentine Wine

Hello my dear Argentinian wine lovers! Carrying on with the influence of Europe in Argentina, today we are going to talk about the Italian influence on Argentinian Wine. A very important topic as it can be said that the Italians… Continue Reading →

Argentina. Country and Culture. Now and Then.

Anuva is delving in to past of this vibrant country and its culture. While aesthetics may change, old habits die hard. This is Argentina and the passage of time. View from Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires Top: Taxis stand and kiosk at La Catedral,… Continue Reading →

Los Tanos: A Story of Argentine Immigration

From the years 1861 to 1920 a total of 3,798,925 immigrants arrived to the shores of Argentina. Of those 2,270,525 people were Italian. 1946 to 1957 saw a further 380,000 Italian immigrants disembarking in Argentina. Fascism, World War I, the… Continue Reading →

The Melting Pot: Celebrating Diversity in Argentina

Hello again my Argentina Lovers! Probably you already know about the Diversity of Wines in Argentina, for which I recommend you come visit us at our interesting Buenos Aires Wine Tastings! Although today, this post is dedicated to the Día… Continue Reading →

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