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The story of the highest vineyards in the world

Once upon a time, the winemakers in Argentina discovered that their wines were much richer in flavors depending on the altitude where they grow their grapes, the more altitude the more concentration and intensity… And this is how the story… Continue Reading →

Gualtallary, a region that is making noise

The Uco Valley is the highest region to grow wine in Mendoza, it has been a while since we have been listening about this place, but nowadays a region in the valley has been in sight of some of the… Continue Reading →

Tannat from Salta, Argentina

Hello and good tannic day for everyone! Ain’t this a beautiful time to enjoy a robust, full bodied wine? For those who love this type, any time just feels perfect. And because of this, today we are going to get… Continue Reading →

Uco Valley, What’s the Fuss?

Navigating an Argentine wine list can sometimes be overwhelming. Picture the scene; You are sitting in a lovely restaurant, you know you’ll be ordering steak. You open the wine list and turn to the reds. You are staring at the… Continue Reading →

Wines from the end of the World

It is said that vines (for making wine) can grow between latitudes of 30° to 50°, either on the north hemisphere or on the south… but growing vines to make good wines it’s not as simple as that. If we… Continue Reading →

Uruguayan Wine: The Main Regions for High Quality

Behold the rising star of South America´s wine scene: Uruguay! With its famous Tannat leading the way, the Uruguayan wine knew how to win the heart of multiple wine drinkers all over the world and this phenomenon promises to keep… Continue Reading →

Uruguayan Wine: Tannat's country

Twenty years ago very few people would have thought that high quality wines would come from other countries in South America that weren’t Argentina or Chile. Gladly for us, the wine lovers, the territory has expanded and new delicious wines… Continue Reading →

Traveling North To Wine Country and More

Argentina is anything but small – it’s actually the eighth largest country in the world, covering nearly three million square kilometers, and offering a massive variety of geography and climates. A tourist could spend months checking out all the natural… Continue Reading →

The Terroir of Salta, Argentina

Regardless of the method, experience or love put in from a winemaker, It is indisputable that the terroir of a land is one of the highest variable factors in the outcome of a wine. Terroir is a french term usually… Continue Reading →

Bodega Tukma, Salta

One great thing about Argentina and its wine are the small production and boutique wineries ranging from Salta to Mendoza. Across this beautiful country there are tons of family wineries that produce wines of a high quality. Now is time… Continue Reading →

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