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Food and Wine matching for Christmas

The Christmas countdown is well and truly on and 2016 has absolutely flown by. Argentina follows the usual Christmas routine to a certain extent, in the sense that they eat and drink like kings, but interestingly they have their family celebrations… Continue Reading →

BA Food Week- Restaurant Review – Sexto

BA Food Week is coming to an end and we are FULL!! Excellent food at great prices. We can’t wait until next year! This week I went for a quick lunch, seeing one of my final opportunities to gorge before… Continue Reading →

Puertas Cerradas/ Closed-door Restaurants – All you need to know!

Puertas cerradas or ‘closed door’ restaurants are hidden away eateries that chefs, aspiring chefs or even foodie-entrepreneurs start up in their homes. So, dinner at stranger’s house? Sitting around a table with 6, 7 or maybe even 10 strangers. For… Continue Reading →

White Wine and Seafood: Why so great!?

Hello my food and wine lovers! Today, I am here to talk about the harmony between one of  the best beverages in the world (White Wine!) and some of the most delicious things that the sea has to offer to… Continue Reading →

Argentine Wine Review: Wines for the Winter Time

Winter is coming! Cold temperatures will soon start to hit the northern hemisphere, but not without us wine loving creatures to prepare to kindle our spirits with some of the best boutique wines from Argentina. So for those who won’t… Continue Reading →

Argentine Wine, Brazilian Dish: Torrontes and Feijoada

Hello my wine and food amigos. Ready to eat and drink big time?! Today I feel like eating something different, something not regional to me, but without a doubt a type of food that my Brazilian friends living here in Buenos Aires… Continue Reading →

Food and Wine: Arroz con Leche and Sweet Wines

For all those who love the sweet stuff, today we have a combination that I personally love, and everyone who cannot wait for the end of a meal to have dessert will love too. A traditional Spanish dessert that has… Continue Reading →

Argentina Wine Review: Red and White for Independence day! (In ARG)

INDEPENDENCE DAY IS IN THE AIR!!! Tomorrow, the mighty glorious 9th JULY will bring joy to all Argentinians as we celebrate 199 years of Independence in Argentina. Families and friends will gather to celebrate as every year. Everyone will pay… Continue Reading →

Argentine Wine Review: Syrah in Argentina

Hello again my wine loving amigos! This week is time to speak about a grape that has been gaining an interesting fame in the last decade in our country, it is time to speak about the the Argentine Syrah!!! Although… Continue Reading →

Turn on those taste buds! Food Pairing Styles to be explored

As a very passionate person on the subject paring food and wine, I want to get  as much people into food pairing as I can! The experience of consciously noticing how what you’re drinking reacts to what you’re eating interacts in different… Continue Reading →

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