Anuva has finally moved our Buenos Aires wine tastings into our new space called “Reserve” in Palermo Soho! Look for cool pictures of Reserve on our website soon….

I do not know the restaurant scene as well on this side of Juan B Justo Avenue, so I decided to check out a well known restaurant a few blocks away from the tasting room last night after the tastings. Lo de Jesus is located on the corner of Cabrera and Gurruchaga streets (Gurruchaga 1406). I went with my boyfriend and it seemed like a good type of place for a nice date or a small gathering of friends.

Food: We ordered papas fritas (French fries), mollejas (sweet breads), and bife de lomo (filet mignon). The steak was done perfectly, not overdone and incredibly tender. The mollejas disappointed me however. I specifically asked for them bien tostaditas or well done, because if they are not crispy, they feel rubbery in your mouth, and quite like what they actually are—glands. The papas were perfect and overall I was pleased with dinner.

Drinks: Unfortunately it was too hot outside to enjoy a wine, so we had a beer. They had no liter options, so we got three quarters of a liter. The wine list was not very extensive, mainly with typical wines found in Argentine parrillas: Trapiche’s Fond de Cave, Catena Zapata’s Alamos, and Nieto Senetiner. Nice strong coffee!

Service: Lo de Jesus is in the tourist circuit, and they gave very good service. Our waiter was friendly and joked around with us and came back with our check within five minutes of being asked.

Price: For our meal plus one beer, one water, and two coffees it was around $250AR. Pricey, but not uncommon for the neighborhood. If you are looking for a more affordable option for meat, check out neighborhoods other than Palermo and Recoleta. Nevertheless, I would go back to Lo de Jesus.