ba cookie club

Fortune was pointed in my direction when I first arrived in Buenos Aires two years ago. I had a gorgeous Porteno man by my side but no friends and no job. Even if they do say ‘love conquers all’, us realists know that if you can’t pay your bills and moan about it to a friend then you’re not conquering anything at all, in fact it is a damn scary prospect. So, after a couple of weeks of intense C.V dispatching sessions, I finally met with Dan Karlin and started working for Anuva Wines at their Buenos Aires wine tastings, a job I wanted and liked, awesome! But friends, not so easy.  I always feel a little embarrassed to admit it but I resorted to a Buenos Aires chat website called BAExpats and posted a rather pathetic line about being a sad loner looking for girl friends. As luck would have it a little gem by the name of Kelly Poindexter replied and within a week were meeting up, swapping contact information and the rest, as they say, is history.

Kelly just so happens to be rather brilliant when it comes to baking. Any lucky soul who has had the opportunity to try any of her divine sweet treats will heartily agree to her talents, I’m not just bigging up a friend, Kelly is one passionate little patisseur and it shows through each carefully crafted  chocolate, pie or cookie. Just listening to her explain each precise measurement and process  makes me want to learn how to bake myself even though I am a horrible chef of any description, however I might just study up to make an exception for her new Buenos Aires Cookie Club.

Ba cookies

Set free your inner Cookie Monster!

Together with Horneando Algo blogger Juliana, the Buenos Aires Cookie club was created, not only as an opportunity to show off your cookie baking talents, but to also to meet other people with similar interests (and of course to gorge yourself until your sweet tooth can take no more). I must admit, being from the UK I had never really heard of a Cookie Club before but according to friends hailing from the US they are extremely common especially around the festive season when time is short, with a million present to buy and decorations to hang, not everyone has all the time in the world to bake lots of different styles of cookies to offer up for the continual trail of guests that traipse through the door.  The idea is simple, you bake a big batch of one type of cookie, take them along to the cookie club and proceed to have a grand cookie exchange leaving you with at least a dozen different style of cookies, a good natter with your fellow cookie makers and a deep satisfied glow that can only come from that of a full stomach.

After the success of the opening of Buenos Aires Cookie Club they are bringing it back just in time for Christmas, on Sunday the 9th of December! Kelly and Juliana encourage all event members to send in the recipes and ideas one week before the date to ensure that there won’t be any repeat performances as well as being included in the quarterly recipe book! A published cookie chef and presents sorted for Christmas! It can’t get any better than that!

To join up, click here. A small fee of $25ars will cover all your refreshment and your very on recipe book with all of the cookies from you very own event!