Callia makes a whole line of these wines, based on their shiraz varietal from San Juan, Argentina. I reviewed their Shiraz / Tannat blend a few days ago with a very positive conclusion. This line of wines is all priced the same and you can find nearly all of them at any supermarket in Buenos Aires, whether large or small, and nearly any supermarket in the USA as well.

Here in Buenos Aires it runs about 30 pesos, or about 6 dollars, and in the USA it runs about 10. The benefit of a widely distributed brand like Callia is that when you want to taste some great wine, do a wine tasting in Buenos Aires, or a wine tasting at home, you can have a solid wine to depend on that won’t cost you a fortune.

Now keep in mind that your expectations need to be managed! This is not going to be a wine that blows your hair back and causes you to search high and low, scouring the earth to find it. It is a drinkable young wine with plenty of fruit that is a solid sipper. Enough body to make you remember its there, plenty of fruit (perhaps too much!), and a decent tannic structure.

The structure is the main difference between the tannat verision of the shiraz from Callia and the bonarda version. Bonarda is a much lower tannin red wine, that I have written extensively about (see all my posts on Mairena Bonarda), that has luscious fruit and often quite a bit of complexity to it like smoke and tobacco. Not so much in this case here, as this wine from San Juan, Argentina is not made for complexity, or aging. It is made for drinkability and that is certainly what you will get. If in need, I can recommend this as an inexpensive wine to satisfy you on a Tuesday.