Rutini is up there with Catena and Norton as one of the biggest and oldest wineries in Argentina. Founded in 1885 by Mr Rutini (Felipe was his name), the Rutini winery has over 250 hectares of vineyard lands from which it makes Malbec and many other varietal wines.

Interestingly, one of our gems from a while back, the Cavagnaro Malbec, used to be associated with the Rutini Winery. In fact, the winery used to be called “Bodegas Rutini y Cavagnaro” as it was owned by the two families. The Cavagnaro family sold their share about 50 years ago, though, and the Rutini winery has been the big neighbor ever since, making mass produced brands like Trumpeter.

The Trumpeter Malbec is a wine from Argentina that you will see not only in wine shops and on wine lists in the United States but it is also well distributed in Buenos Aires, the interior of Argentina, and many other countries around the world.

You may see me say this a lot on this wine blog, but this is another classic example of Mendoza Malbec. There are many of these floating around and even more these days it seems. What I always look for in a wine is something unique and something that speaks to me. I would never throw this wine down the drain, but it is also fairly generic. Good ripe black fruits in the nose like black currant and black cherry with a little bit of a spice component. In the mouth you have more nice black fruits, notably blackberry, with a touch of cocoa. This wine is not particularly long but is pleasant enough. I would not use the term round as there is a touch of sharpness on the finish.

If you want to visit the Rutini winery in Maipu, Mendoza, you will certainly pass by their former business partners, who are their neighbors, the Cavagnaros. I certainly recommend you stop there, visit Julian Cavagnaro and try his Malbecs and his olive oil.