Christmas and Wine comes hand in hand. Whether that is the sparkling wine that you’ll pop come midnight on the 24th (Argentines celebrate Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day) or the red and white that you’ve been drinking throughout the evening to accompany the traditional Argentine christmas dishes. Given that Argentina is in the top 10 of the world’s biggest wine exporters, its certainly not short of riches when it comes to choosing wines to drink or give as presents to loved ones and friends. So with it adequately being the festive season, Anuva has a short list of wines that we would recommend you wrap up and give to those special people.



In terms of sparkling wines, Anuva’s go to is the Perdices Extra Brut. Its a naturally made sparkling wine which puts it in a different league in terms of quality compared to the cheaper alternatives which are ‘gasified’ in the bottle. Its these almost mechanically gasified sparkling wines that give you the terrible headache the following morning. The Perdices is made following the typical champenoise method from the region of Champagne in France and its for the exact reason that its not from that area, that it cant be called a champagne, but rather a sparkling wine. If the Perdices isn’t for you then then how about some of Carinae’s Chin Chin. Made in the heart of Mendoza and by a French couple who moved out to Argentina around 15 years ago they have quickly mastered their trade. Its not quite as dry as the Perdices but both are bankers to get the Christmas party started and are perfect to accompaniments to those pre-dinner canapés.



If you know someone who loves a glass of chilled white wine we reckon we’ve got just the right stuff. White wine out here in Argentina predominantly revolves around two major varietals. The first of them being torrentes. Torrontes is incidentally the only native grape to Argentina and our top one for Christmas would have to be the El Porvenir Laborum Torrontes. This torrentes is known as the lying wine as although it smells sweet and aromatic, is in fact more bitter and therefore matches brilliantly with any spicier food that you might be having in the next few weeks. The other main white grape which is prominent here is chardonnay, and we would put forward the Primogenito 2015. These are both inexpensive and delicious options for those of your family or friends who prefer to stick the white than the red.



Given that we are in Argentina it would be blasphemous not to put forward some big powerful full bodied reds. With regards to malbecs, there’s myriad options of bountiful vintages but just to keep it to one for now, how about the Carinae Finca Deneza 2014. This is a full bodied and rich malbec which with its dark purple colour resembles a bottle of school masters ink. To contrast this classic, we also recommend trying the San Gimignano Malbec Roble which is in fact much lighter. This malbec offers a different and interesting approach to the big hitters in the malbec division. The Mairena Bonarda 2014 slips down the hatch with consummate ease and accompanies almost whatever is put in front of it. Its soft velvet like feel makes it incredibly easy to drink – especially considering its Christmas.


Whether you are looking to buy wine just for yourself and the family for the Christmas occasion, or you’re feeling generous and want someone to try the embarrassment of viticultural riches that Argentina has to offer this is half decent guide as to which wines you should be keeping an eye out for!