Hey! How are you my dear wine fans? Whom of us did not want to show off their wine knowledge in front of friends or at any sort of gathering? Wine is such a refined beverage, that we would not want to stand as an ignorant or a fool in front of other wine drinkers. That is basically why, this blog is about how to behave as a Wine Pro when you really aren’t an expert. Check out these 5 tips to look as a Wine Pro:

1.GEAR UP! : Throw away your old corkscrew and by a proper one, get yourself a cool set of wine glasses (there are some without stem nowadays that look far cooler!)… why not a few Drop Stops?, a nicely shaped decanter and finally, one of those cool mini wine fridges! When guests that like wine come home, they will see that you definitely are a wine guy, and you know your wine accessories. Wine is a serious thing for you and they will love it.



Try to have all of these at home. Besides looking good, they work big time!

2.COPY THE EXPERTS AND SURPRISE WITH YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Look at Sommeliers, Food Critics, Winemakers… What do they do when they taste wine? How do they hold the glass? They swirl it! They sink the nose into the glass, then they take a sip, breath some air before swallowing the wine and just then, they start to drink.


Swirl that glass with Style!

Once you mastered the art of tasting the wine, copying the different gestures and faces, you will always have to answer to at least one person that will ask: “Why do you do that?” Use these words: “I am letting the wine oxygenate so it can release its aromas and softens a bit before drinking it, once in the mouth I take a tiny breath to fill my nose and palate with the aromas and flavors of the wine, trust me, after this, the wine tastes so much better”  This is not only true, but it sounds super clever and confident!

3.GO TO WINE EVENTS: A fantastic exercise to try different wines, learn and stand as a wine pro. There is a wine fair soon? A wine tasting at your local wine shop? A presentation of a winery nearby? New Wine bar in town? Every single opportunity where you can go and try more and more wines will keep you closer to become a real Pro. Just by talking about new wineries, the trendy winemakers, styles of wines or non conventional grapes will make you sound like a pro!

Wine Edition #3 (2)

Wine Fairs are always great to try new wines!

4.TALK ABOUT FOOD PAIRINGS: Wine on its own is one thing, and with food a totally different thing. Do not stick to the cliché “White Wine → White Meat, Red Wine → Red Meat” The world of food and wine pairing is infinite. Let yourself discover brand new and interesting combinations. Strong cheeses with sweet wines, spicy food with aromatic and fresh white wines, bittersweet food with concentrated fruit forward and spiced wines, and the list goes on and on. Surprise everyone with your new school knowledge on Food and Wine pairing.


5.WATCH SOMM AND RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE WHO LOVES WINE: This tip is more of a personal thing to me. As a Sommelier I had to study plenty of different things, but never as much as the guys in this film. A documentary that explains deeply the life of a Sommelier and above all, those who want to be the best of the best. The purpose of you recommending this film, besides being very funny and entertaining, is that it really helps you to understand the wine world through the eyes of real experts and those who have not seen it and are wine consumers, will definitely love it.



Excellent. Now you have more tricks under your sleeve when it comes to wine my friends. If you have any questions or want to share some wine tips with all of us, do not hesitate and leave a comment!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more wine info!