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Beach in Buenos Aires!

Hello my dear Summer and Buenos Aires lovers! As you probably know, if you have been reading our posts lately, this month is all about the different activities to enjoy in the CIty Porteña during the heat and sun days…. Continue Reading →

Dakar is Back! Paraguay- Argentina-Bolivia

Hello my dear amigos! Continuing with our month’s theme, the Summer in Argentina, we will talk about the most famous rally competition in the world. The one and only Dakar. On this occasion, the 2017 competition is being held in… Continue Reading →

Happy Bubbly New Year – Tribute to Argentinian Sparkling Wine

Año Nuevo is coming!!! New year’s spirit is among us and nothing better to celebrate it than opening a fine bottle of Sparkling wine. Argentinians are not eh biggest fans of sparkling wine, it is the truth, and it makes… Continue Reading →

Things to do in Buenos Aires: Happy New Year!!! Welcome 2017!!!

Hola my dear Buenos Aires amigos!!! 2017 is right at the door and you cannot be left out of the amazing Things to do in the lovely BA. You are going to see that these first days of the year… Continue Reading →

Anuva’s Wine predictions for 2017

Predicting the future is not easy. Many have tried and many have failed. That said, we are going to give it our best. Unfortunately, because our Delorean is broken, we are going to have to do it the old fashioned… Continue Reading →

White Wine Christmas

Hello my dear Wine, Food and Christmas lovers! Today it will be all about the food and wine pairing during Christmas Eve. Big part of the dishes that we consume during this time of the year can be paired perfectly… Continue Reading →

Things to do in Buenos Aires: 24th-31st December, 2016

Hello my dear Buenos Aires Amigos! For those who are still asking what to do these final days of the year in our lovely city, let me remind you that our friend Rudolph the Red Nose Wine Lover decided to… Continue Reading →

Christmas Wines – The Big, The Bigger and The Biggest!

Christmas Lunch for many families, is often a most-than-generous, exuberant affair. It is the most important meal of the year. To earn its crown there needs to be 1000s of ingredients, 100s of side dishes and at least two or… Continue Reading →

All I want for Christmas is Wine

Christmas and Wine comes hand in hand. Whether that is the sparkling wine that you’ll pop come midnight on the 24th (Argentines celebrate Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day) or the red and white that you’ve been drinking throughout the evening… Continue Reading →

Do They Know Its Wine News Time

Yep you guessed it – Anuva Wines is back for its penultimate Wine News edition of 2016! As you can imagine its been an eventful week considering the Christmas Day countdown is well and truly on the final straight. What do… Continue Reading →

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